feel the nature

Jabo: Originally pure nature.
The very first invention of Jan Bosman (JaBo) was the famous sisal carpet. With a mix of coconut and hemp yarns. The foundation of Jabo. Of course all kinds of materials and combinations have been added over the years. The love for natural materials remained. In short: We use natural or sustainable materials.


Comfortable, tightly woven or generously luxurious? The Jabo collection offers a wide range of possibilities. Atmosphere and experience can vary. Always assured of a natural look and feel: 100% wool.


We like to use the sustainable product techniques for other materials. We call these "blends". Synthetic materials, or a blend with wool, for example.
Always the right sustainable choice. 100% responsible materials that can also last a long time.


Pure comfort! A collection of the most soft carpets. A feast for the feet. And, of course, made from the best, durable materials. We immediately translate durability into sustainability. Because we are aware that high quality products help to reduce waste quickly.  

sisal & seagrass

Jabo "the original". Made famous with a combination of sisal, hemp and coconut. Call it "the foundation of the Jabo collections". Can be used in all forms and types of interior. With a feeling for nature and sustainability.

Also beautiful as a custom rug!


Tightly woven structure. 100% wool. Natural beauty.


Visual structures, special combinations of materials.


Perfect imagination from nature to carpet. 100% sisal