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Give each area the right character

Authentic materials enhance the atmosphere in a room. That's what makes the Jabo carpets so appealing and the collection so versatile.

In 1953 Jan Bosman developed the wall-to-wall woven sisal carpet. On the basis of the famous principle, new products are worked on every day. Discover the natural charm of the Jabo collection, with its genuine character and diversity of structures. Truly Jabo!

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Jan bosman

The inventor of the sisal carpet! A name that became a brand: JaBo

since 1953

Dutch product development synonymous for almost 70 years

Made in NL

Typical Dutch product. Development and production in the immediate vicinity


Renewal is the basis. Always looking for new, surprising ideas

jabo history

In 1953 Jan Bosman (JaBo) made an important invention. He developed wall-to-wall carpet on the weaving machine, composed of sisal, hemp and coconut. The beginning of a revolution in the carpet market. Jabo became known and loved. 

For 70 years, Jabo has been developing products based on the same principle. Challenging materials, beautiful yarn combinations and natural colour palettes. The basis of a broad and challenging product mix, in carpets and bespoke carpets.


The basis of Jabo lies in the nature. That's where the whole story started. And we still like to develop from natural materials. For example, sisal, eelgrass or wool. 

Of course we also use other materials. Always in a sustainable, responsible way.

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